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IELTS CUE CARDS JANUARY-APRIL 2021. “Describe your first day at school”.

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Describe your first day at School-IELTS CUE CARDS JANUARY-APRIL 2021


Well! I have been to three different schools primary, secondary, and high school. Seriously, I really don’t remember about my first day in primary and secondary school, however, I do remember when I was transferred from secondary to high school. It was in Delhi, the capital city of India in the year 2009.

As it was my first in the new school, I didn’t know where was my classroom and which division I belongs to. So it was searching for the class for almost an hour and still couldn’t found the location. At last, I found the teachers’ room and I entered inside. All teachers surprisingly looking at me because I went entered without asking their permission. One of the teachers initially yelled at me about my behavior and I explained it’s my first day in school. Finally, the same teacher showed me my classroom.

Somehow I managed to search for a place to seat and settled down. To my surprise, I found that a few of my previous school classmates were also in the class. I introduce myself to the whole classroom and share my hobbies and carrier goals.

Overall, For me, this first day of school was a mixed feeling and I think I will never forget that day. I always keep in touch every now and then with classmates and sometimes we have a get-together also.

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