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Cue Card (Jan to Apr 2020), CUE CARDS

Describe a time when you were cheated (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

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Describe a time when you were cheated (IELTS CUE CARDS 2020)

You should say:

  • what was the occasion?
  • who was the person?
  • What did he or she do?

Sample 1:-

Well, I have experience in various situations such as adventures, deceives and good situations. And here I would like to talk about a time when I ordered a book from a shopping website but I was cheated by this website because that book was in bad condition. I explain it briefly.

Once, I went to my friend Saba’s home because she was my classmate and I had gone to her house to complete my project. I saw over there that she was purchasing things online from a shopping website. She bought some items such as books, clothes, paintings and so on at reasonable prices.

She told me that she always purchases commodities online. I requested her to tell me properly. Then, she explained to me about it very calmly. I felt excited to do it.

After it, I ordered a book named “Target America” from a shopping website. I paid for it through my credit card. I bought it at a cheap rate. To be honest, I love to read books in my leisure time especially books related to adventures. I was immensely glad by thinking about my ordered book because that was the first thing that I purchased from a shopping website.

When I received it, the book was packed. I removed its packing and felt highly elated. But suddenly, when I saw a book, I felt astonished by seeing the condition of the book. That book was looking like a second-hand book and dull in color. I got angry because I had paid for it but cheated.

Furthermore, I send an email in the complaint box of shopping websites from which I bought a book. After two days later from this incident, I got a reply from that website in which the manager of that website apologized to me. But did nothing such as returning the money.

All in all, that was the time when I was cheated by a shopping website. I know very well that all the shopping websites are not providing bad service but there are some shopping websites that cheat customers.

Sample 2:-

There have been many mess in my life when I felt cheated. Some mess a person lied to me and some mess some truth was hidden, which is also as bad as being lied to. here, I would like to talk about an occasion when my mother lied to me. Actually, it was my 16th birthday and my mother had planned a surprise party for me.

when I got up in the morning, I observed that everybody was behaving strangely and nobody wished me properly. When I asked them what the matter was,  they just shrugged the shoulders and said that it was a routine day and they refused to admit that their behavior was entirely different.

I was very upset, but I got ready and went to school. My friends were also behaving very strangely  



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