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Describe a special day or event that made you happy (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

Describe a special day that made you happy
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Describe a special day or event that made you happy (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

  • what event it was.

  • when it was

  • what you did

  • live in a nuclear family with my parents and two siblings in Malaysia. A few days ago, I was happy for the success of my elder brother who succeeded in getting admission to a university after several attempts. I was very happy with the matter.Getting admission in a public university is difficult indeed for anyone and my elder brother got the chance to get admitted at the University of Malaya which is mostly known for its academic excellence in the country. Before the admission, he had to undergo different tests and preparations. Since his higher secondary result not up to the local standard for admission at any university, he was worried about his future. Moreover, my dad told him that he would not be liable for him anymore if he fails to get admitted to any public university. Thereby, the worries attacked him. But instead of being panicked, he struggled hard to get his desired admission. His hard efforts allowed him to get admitted at the University of Malaya and I am happy too much. In fact, I am proud of my brother.My elder brother passed his secondary in the early of 2015 and repeatedly tried to get admitted to a university, especially the public university. So, immediately after appearing at the higher secondary level exam, my brother started preparing for the university admission. The boy always wanted to be with his friends and never stayed home at the daytimes, but when he started university admission preparation, he turned into a cool personality. He never went out of the home, without extreme needs, and even kept his mobile phone switched off so that nobody could reach him. He started reading the preparatory texts from the early morning and started following a boring daily routine. Often I could not understand how a man like him got changed in this manner suddenly. Later, I realised that it was his urge to get admitted to the university had brought the change in him.

    I, in fact, could not do something special for him. But as a higher secondary level student, I helped him to continue his university preparation. I helped him in getting prepared with the relevant subjects which were supposed to be important for the exam and also suggested him for reading some other materials. The questions were supposed to be made from the texts of the previous level and thus the teachers also emphasised on the former subject for the university admission preparation. Since I am not his superior, I did not dare suggest him something else and instead, I always was with him if he needs some sort of support from me. I helped him in remembering the texts and answering questions from the suggestions. Besides, I took his other cares like preparing coffee for him, brought his food etc. Often he fell asleep amid his books, and I had to organise the books in order. This is actually an interesting task and being his younger sister, I happily performed everything.

    I was highly happy for my brother’s success as it was a turning point of life for him. If he failed to get the desired admission, the situations would have been unimaginable. My dad was too serious about the issue. He warned my elder brother to be serious in his studies but the boy did not pay any heed to the suggestions of dad. He was always involved with his friends and mates. Even it was quite natural for him to come home late at night. When he appeared in the exam, he could not take the right preparation and in the end, the result was unexpected. He has passed all the courses with scoring a minimum grade. Finally, it appeared that he owns only the required score to appear for the university examination and if he fails, dad would take strong punitive measures against him. So, when he occupied a seat in his desired subject, chemistry, every one of my family was happy with him. I also was happy as I had some small contributions to his success.

    Sample Answer 2:
    I had been longing for a brand new mobile phone and I got it last month. It was the event that made me too happy. This is a wonderful question for me. Thank you for the nice question.

    One of my maternal uncles presented me with a nice mobile phone set. It was an iPhone 6S. the present came marking my 19th birthday. I was so happy with the phone set. In fact, I had long been waiting to arrange money to have such a mobile phone. But it was not possible for me to arrange such a huge amount of money alone. Thereby, the present was a blessing to me.

    I turned 19 years old yesterday. My parents had organised a family party centring the day. Almost all of the family members were invited to the event. All of them were intimate with my family. As we never miss an invitation from them, they also did not miss it. But I was really happy with the presents that they bought for me. In fact, I got some of the remarkable gifts on my birthday. The mobile phone was the best among them. I unpacked the mobile phone at the end of the event and was greatly surprised when I saw the mobile phone.

    This was not a formal event. So, I enjoyed some freedom. I talked with my relatives and cousins. I also spent some time watching a horror movie with my cousins of my age. It was a nice experience to enjoy a movie together. Moreover, I also helped my mother in serving the foods. I forgot to say that I also took part in preparing the foods. In fact, most of the foods were prepared by me and they were delicious too. Everyone enjoyed their meal. I also greeted the guests when they took leave of us. To make the long story short – I was the centre of attraction on the day, and thus had to manage almost all the things.

    This event made me happy for several reasons. First of all, it was my birthday. I became older one year. I also got some more freedom in my family. Besides, the invited guests also blessed me and wished a bright future for me. The other happy event was receiving a mobile phone. To be honest, it was the most important thing that made me happy on this day. I do not know how my dream came true on this day. At first, I did not realise that it was a mobile phone. When I opened the wrap, I was extremely surprised by the iPhone. It was golden in colour and its specifications were standard as I desired. So, this event made me really happy.

Model Answer:

  • I am fortunate that there have been many happy days in my life.
  • I find happiness in very small things.
  • For example, when my mother or father praise me for anything I cook, or anything I make, I feel very happy.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a day in my life, which was the happiest so far.
  • Actually, it was my last birthday, and my parents organised a party for me.
  • They invited my friends and our close relatives.
  • It was a lunch party.
  • My mother has a gifted hand in cooking and she prepared all my favourite dishes.
  • My friends and cousins started coming at around noon.
  • Everyone brought some gift for me.
  • I was very happy.ff
  • We played music and danced to the beat of the music.
  • The whole atmosphere of my house was joyful.
  • But, the best was yet to come.
  • My father brought a box neatly wrapped and tied with a ribbon and asked me to open it.
  • I could not believe my eyes as I opened the package.
  • It was a Dell Laptop.
  • I had always wanted one and now I was holding it in my hands.
  • I hugged my father and my mother and thanked them.
  • It was indeed a dream come true for me.
  • I was on cloud 9.
  • I can never forget that day.
  • It was indeed the happiest day of my life.

Part 3 – Follow up Questions

    1. What are some things that made you feel happy?
      I find happiness in small things. When people around me are happy, I feel happy. When I learn something new, I feel happy. When anyone appreciates my work, I feel happy.
    2. Do you think artistic activities can make people happy?(Why/Why not)
      Yes, artistic activities do make people happy. These activities entertain people and give relief from the stress and strain of day-to-day life.
    3. Do you think people who have more talent are happier than others? (Why/Why not)
      Talent, if appreciated does bring happiness, but it would be wrong to say that talented people are happier than others. Happiness is a state of mind. A person who has no talent may find happiness in the talent of others, whereas a talented person may be unhappy if his talent goes unnoticed.
    4. Do you think money makes people happy?
      Money can bring happiness as it is needed to fulfil the basic things of life, but too much money may bring with it problems, which can take away happiness. For instance a very rich person’s children may fall into bad company or squander his money on useless things.
    5. Are the things or events that make people happy today the same as several decades ago?
      Well, life has changed a lot over the decades. Technology has brought with it changes in the way people live their life. So, events that bring happiness have also changed. Earlier people found happiness in family get-togethers. Materialism was not that pronounced. But today people have become self-centered and have become workaholics. What they have is never enough and so they work all the time to fulfil those desires. So, they find it difficult to be happy.
    6. Why do people feel happy when they are with members of their family?
      They feel happy, because with their family they can share all their joys and sorrows. They know that they can take their family for granted and depend on them.
    7. What are some examples of family activities that make people happy?
      Some family activities that make people happy are eating together, watching TV together, going for outings together and doing shopping together.
    8. Some people say the happiest time in people’s lives is the period when they are at school?
      Do you agree? Well, early school years are definitely the happiest, because the only tension is of study, but high and secondary school years are stressful because one has to choose a career, study hard to get into the college of their choice and face global competition in academics.
    9. Do young people and older people find happiness in the same things?
      No, definitely not. Old people find happiness if they are with their children and grandchildren, but young people find happiness in their gadgets like cell phones.
    10. When you are older, what kind of things will bring you happiness?
      Well, I don’t know. What future has in store for me I cant foresee, but I guess if I am healthy and have just enough for a comfortable life, I would be happy
    11. Do you think people in the past were happier than they are now?
      Life was slower in the past. Desires were fewer. In that respect, I would say that people in the past were happier than they are now.
    12. What makes people happy?
      Happiness is a state of mind. Different people have different concepts about happiness. For a nursery student, being able to write ‘A’ properly can give happiness. A poor person may get happiness if he wins a lottery. A person suffering from cancer can get happiness if a cure is found for his illness. Parents feel happy if their children do well in school.
  1. Do you believe that people used to define happiness in a different way in the past, or that the concept of happiness hasn’t change with the passage of time?
    I believe that concept of happiness has not changed with time. But, the way people show their happiness has changed because of advancement of technology these days. For example, when India won the cricket World Cup this time it was celebrated all over the world at the same time. There were firework displays everywhere.
  2. Do you believe that old people can be happier than young people?
    I believe that old people can be happier than young people because young people today have a lot of burden on their shoulders. They have the burden of choosing a career. They have the burden of adopting the culture. They are forced by their parents to adopt the traditional culture but they want to adopt the global culture. They are exposed to a consumerist society in which there are a lot of things which they want to own. But they don’t have the money for them.
  3. What do you have to do to achieve a long-term happiness?
    We should have a steady career. We should have a good family life and good health. One should know how to strike a balance between work and leisure. One should not be a workaholic.
  4. Is unhappiness always a bad thing?
    No, unhappiness is not always a bad thing. It is the unhappiness which makes us realize the importance of happiness. It is the night
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