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Cue Card (Jan to Apr 2020), CUE CARDS

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

Describe a person in the news that you want to meet
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Describe a person in the news that you want to meet (IELTS CUE CARD Jan to April 2020)

You should say:

  • Who he or she is?
  • What did this person show up on TV for?
  • How do you know what this person?
  • Why you want to meet him?

Model Answer:

  • In our day to day life we see film stars, sportsmen and politicians in the news.
  • Sometimes, we are so impressed by them that we want to meet them personally.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a person whom I would like to meet personally and get his autograph.
  • He is my favourite Punjabi singer, Gurdas Maan
  • Recently, he was in the PTC Punjabi Channel news because he is coming to perform in a neighbouring village for awakening people about the menace of drug addiction
  • He is coming next month to raise some money for the rehabilitation of the youth of
  • Punjab villages who have become drug addicts.
  • I would like to meet him and get his autograph and thank him for the commendable work he is doing for the people.
  • Actually Gurdas Mann is my favourite singer.
  • He is a multifaceted personality.
  • He is a singer, actor, director and a lyricist as well.
  • He writes the lyrics of his songs himself.
  • He has also acted in many Punjabi movies.
  • All my family members also love his songs.
  • When we go out anywhere together we play his songs in the car.
  • All his songs have messages.
  • He even performs in stage shows.
  • He always has his tambourine in his hands when he performs.
  • I love all his songs, which he has sung so far.
  • It would be a dream come true for me if I get to meet him.

Follow ups

  1. What type of people can be seen on TV? What are the kind of people do the news usually report about?
    Many celebrities like actors, singers, sportspersons etc. can be seen on TV. Politicians, subject matter experts, bureaucrats, etc. are also seen on TV.
  2. Do you think there is too much news about celebrities? What is your take on the news reports in recent years?
    Yes, I think that there is too much news about the celebrities these days. News channels mostly focus on unnecessary news about famous people, to increase their TRP.
  3. Do you think negative information in the news can have negative influence?
    Yes, definitely. The negative news on news channels and in newspapers has a negative influence, as people start feeling that nothing good is happening around them. It may develop a sense of insecurity and fear among people, leading to chaos and confusion too, sometimes. Also, people are not aware of the news about development, progress and positive events around them, as too little attention is given to such news.
  4. Why do people like negative news?
    People like negative news because they want to be aware about the wrong happenings around them. They want to be aware of such news, which helps them take precautions for their safety and security. Also, it is common to find people more interested in news about disasters, crime,
    terrorism, scandals, corruption, rather than in news about positive developments. I think some people like negative news more than positive news because of their pessimistic attitude.
  5. What is usually in the news in India?
    In India, news is usually about the politicians, celebrities, sports and crime. There are also discussions about social and political issues, where an experts panel debates. There is also news about news developments and discoveries in India and in other countries.
  6. Is that information always true?
    I would say that the information given on news is mostly true, as sometimes news channels may exaggerate and sensationalize any news piece, for better TRP. People have access to many sources of information these days because of the Internet, so news channels cannot afford to telecast fake and false news.
  7. Do you believe everything said in the news?
    Yes, I mostly believe everything said in the news. I usually follow more than one news channel, so the news I hear on one channel can be corroborated on other channels. These days the level of awareness of people has increased, so the news channels cannot afford to telecast fake or false news.
  8. What kinds of news are popular in India?
    Many kinds of news are popular in India, like political news, news about social issues, news about crime, news about celebrities, sports and other national and international famous people.
  9. Could superstars bring positive influence on the public?
    Yes, of course. If superstars have a good image, then they can influence positively. Many people are their fans and look upon them as role models. So, if they ask people to do something, people do so.
    For example, if they ask people to plant trees, people would definitely do so. If they ask people to abide by traffic rules, people would listen.
  10. Are the stories about celebrities in the news always true? Is the news on celebrities mostly positive?
    No, not necessarily. In fact, most news are exaggerations about their personal lives, and are just reported to increase TRP.
  11. How do you think the celebs in the news can influence adolescents?
    Celebs can influence adolescents in both positive and negative ways. If the celebs have a clean image, then what they say can influence the young people in good ways. However, if the celebs have a negative image in society, then the young people who follow them will follow their bad habits also.
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