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Describe a method that helps you save money

Posted: June 13, 2020 at 2:59 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Describe a method that helps you save money

  • What the method is
  • when you started to use it
  • how you knew it
  • and explain why it is useful

(Sample Answer)

  •  “Get rich slow, or get poor fast.” 
  • It is very important to learn how to save money.
  • I started getting pocket money when I was 17 years old.
  • I am shopaholic person.
  • So i used to spend it all on electronic gadgets, clothes and some others things.
  • I would buy anything I liked.
  • Then one day I happened to go to my cousin house.
  • My cousin is almost my age.
  • He showed me his electronic gadgets, which he had bought from his own pocket money.
  • That gadget was very expensive.
  • He told me that he got Rs 1000 per month and he saved all of it for 10 months to buy this gadget.
  • That day I decided that I would also start saving money.
  • I bought a piggy bank for myself and started putting all my pocket money in it.
  • My mother also encouraged me to save money.
  • She told me that I did not spend any money on redundant things ,then she would add another thousand rupees to my savings after one year.
  • Obviously I was very happy and started to save money with full of enthusiasm.
  • At first it was very difficult to me to fight my temptations for gadgets etc.
  • But I was very determined and I succeeded.
  • I remember when I bought a new expensive and useful gadget with my own saved money, it became a very special thing for me.
  • I kept it with great care.
  • I get much more pocket money nowadays, and I can manage to save most of it.
  • After my 18TH birthday, my father opened my own bank account for me, and now i save my money in that account.
  • The next big thing to buy in my agenda is a Laptop which is very useful for me in my studies.
  • I hope I can buy it very soon.

Some difficult words:

  1. Shopaholic (Noun): A shopaholic is a person considered to be addicted to shopping.
  2. Redundant(Adjective): Unnecessary
  3. Encourage(Verb): give support
  4. Enthusiasm(Noun): intense and eager enjoyment
  5. Temptation(Noun): the desire to do something
  6. Agenda(Noun): Motive

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