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Chase Rainbows – Idiom of the Day

Posted: January 18, 2021 at 11:08 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Chase Rainbows – Idiom of the Day


When someone is pursuing fanciful or unrealistic goals, he is said to be chasing rainbows.


The term comes from the old tale about finding a pot of gold if one digs at the end of the rainbow, where it touches earth. Obviously, no such thing exists. So in the nineteenth century, this expression was used for people chasing unrealistic dreams. Such people were called “rainbow chasers”.


  1. You need to grow up and land a stable job. You can’t keep chasing rainbows forever.
  2. I thought I could make it as a movie star, but it turns out I have been chasing rainbows all this time.
  3. My days of chasing rainbows and dreaming of becoming a novelist are over.  
  4. You think you’re going to replace Jenna as the new General Manager? Quit chasing rainbows!
  5. All this time I have been chasing rainbows in hopes of becoming the next big thing in fashion. But all that hard work was futile.
  6. Chasing rainbows is a luxury only rich people and children can afford. The rest of us have to get a job that is secure.
  7. Nobody becomes floor manager at the restaurant within a year! You have to stop chasing rainbows and be more realistic

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