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Cerulean – Word of the Day

Cerulean – Word of the Day
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Cerulean – Word of the Day


A deep sky-blue colour.


This word dates back to the mid 17th century. It comes from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning “sky-blue”. In turn, caeruleus originates from the Latin word caelum, meaning “sky”.


  1. I’m thinking of painting the walls of my living room in cerulean blue, to remind myself of my vacation in Santorini.
  2. The lamp was emitting a cool calming light in a cerulean hue.
  3. Her deep cerulean eyes mesmerized me. They were bluer than the Aegean sea. 
  4. The water was a light cerulean that day, and simply gazing at it calmed my soul.
  5. Jillian was wearing a cerulean blue dress that suited her perfectly; all eyes were on her that day.
  6. The cerulean waters of the Mediterranean made me fall in love with the ocean. 
  7. That set of cerulean blue bowls? It was gifted by my aunt, and I cherish those pieces deeply.
  8. The cerulean blue waters of the oasis were so tantalizingly close, and when we found out it was just a mirage, our spirits were completely broken.
  9. All the flowers of the meadow were in full bloom, and the sky was a light cerulean. It felt as if all was right with the world. 
  10. The sea’s cerulean blue was so tempting; if there wasn’t a shark warning, I would’ve dived right in.
  11. As I gazed at the cerulean blue sea in the painting, I suddenly felt this urge to rejoin my old ship. The open ocean called out to me once more.
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