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When was the first time when you admired the sky (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

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When was the first time when you admired the sky

I spend quite a lot of time watching the sky, but I think the most memorable time that I was sky gazing was about three years ago. I was with my husband Eliot, and we were having a picnic on the hills outside Ewes, a town in the South East of England. I think the reason I can recall it so well is that the sky was so dramatic that I took a photograph of it.

I remember it was a calm sunny day in the middle of summer. The sky was a clear, deep blue, with only a few light clouds, but in the distance, I could see the sky was darkening. Then the wind started blowing quite hard and huge, fast-moving clouds that were billowing like the steam from a steam train came rolling towards me. Even though the sky was still blue, I could tell it was going to rain a short time later, probably with some thunder as well, so we started packing away our picnic.

Then, all of a sudden, a shaft of sunlight shone out from behind one of the clouds up into the sky above it. The sunbeams lit up the clouds above them. It was an awe-inspiring and quite magical sight, with the rays of the sun in the shape of a fan around the top of the cloud. It was at this point that I took the photo.

My feelings changed as I watched the sky that day. At first, when the sky was clear and blue, it made me feel very calm and quite lazy, as though I could sit there for hours. Then as the clouds started to gather, I felt a little apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how quickly the storm would come and how heavily it would rain. But when the sun shone out from behind the cloud, I felt a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature. It made me think of the proverb ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining” because this cloud really did have a silver lining.

inspiring- प्रेरणादायक

apprehensive- भयभीत

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