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Cue Card (Sep to Dec 2019), CUE CARDS

talk about a toy you liked in your childhood (SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER 2019)

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Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood

what was it?

why did you like it?

what did you experience when you had it?

there are three stages in every person’s life.childhood, teenage and old age. but among them, childhood is the golden part of any human beings life.because in this age every person is free from all kinds of worries and is free to play and do other things with his friends.parents of every child bought a large number of toys for him and he loved to play with them.I too have many toys in my childhood.but today I would like to talk about a toy in my childhood which I liked most and it was a beautiful pistol toy.

my uncle brought this precious gift on my 5th birthday from Moga.he knew about my father is doing the job as a sub-inspector in Punjab my father always keeps a pistol with them which is given to him by the police I always saw them wearing a I had a keen urge to have a pistol like my uncle fulfilled this wish of mine on my birthday.i was very happy after receiving it.i was made of the combination of plastic and glass.when I pushed the trigger then it spreads a colorful light which could be seen through the glass.

I always took it with me wherever I had seems to me like a good companion of me.I had always hanged it with my belt like my father and sometimes  I played the role of a police officer when I played with my friends the game of police and thief.but one day there was a function in my house and unfortunately my pistol had seemed to me at that time that a good companion of mine had lost.I felt sad for the whole week at that I am 25 years old and my father bought an original pistol for me but it has a different meaning for me than the one in my childhood.i still miss my childhood companion

beings – प्राणियों

worries – चिंता

precious – कीमती

wearing – पहनने के

keen – इच्छुक

urge – आग्रह करता हूं

combination- मेल

spreads- फैलता

companion – साथी

hanged- फांसी पर लटका दिया

unfortunately – दुर्भाग्य से

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