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Describe a house that you liked while visiting.

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Describe a house that you liked while visiting.

You should say:

  • Where it was
  • When you went there
  • How it looked like

and explain why you liked this house.

Model Answer:
I went to visit Ireland (…or say a different country/ city name…) after the completion of my first semester. This would probably be the May 2012 and as I recall it was around 2 weeks’ visit. I went to visit (…say a village or urban area name…), a friend’s house and in this area, there was a gigantic house (more specifically a castle) that caught my eyes.

I heard that my friend’s father had a good connection that would allow us to visit this castle. I went inside the house and walked from floor to floor and it took me more than 4 hours.

This was 200 years’ old castle and I saw a real castle for the first time in my life during this visit. This was a great and different experience. I have read about these castles and even saw them in the movies, but witnessing the castle was something totally different. The castle was built with stones and the area was more than 2 acres. The castle was surrounded by thin lakes and it had well defence systems. Though there was no soldier or guard for war or defence, yet it took me to the feudal age and the history revealed itself in front of me.

The impression of this castle in me will last for a long time. The height of the castle, the shiny stones, stairs, cryptic rooms, large gates gave a totally strange and different view than any other modern buildings I have seen. As this was my first visit to any real castle, I was mesmerised. I have never witnessed anything like this before. I liked the architectural design, height, history related to this, gigantic buildings, defence system, open area, thin lake, the cryptic rooms and war equipment of this castle.

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